Trials Motorcycle Fairing-Vacuum Formed from GRP Tool

APH were approached by Greeves Motorcycles to develop new fairing component that would be vacuum formed in ABS. The existing design presented, had been made in two sections in carbon fibre. It was agreed that these could be combined to produce one part that would be cheaper more stylish, aerodynamic and safer for the rider by offering less features to break.

Using the actual Trials Bike as a master, a pattern area was built up from the forks down the centre to the nominal seat.  Onto this master A  surface, after coating with releasing agent, Glass Fibre was built up to about 5mm ad after curing was carefully removed. The concave GRP moulding was then set onto a backing board with resin tooling board side supports, machined to fit the compound curvature. To complete the vacuum form tool, vent holes were drilled at 1mm through the fibre glass and backing board. The tool was set up onto Vacuum Form Machine  and a sample part formed to show the customer. The result exceeded their expectations, leading to a production order.