APH 3G: Pods at Heathrow

APH 3G: Pods at Heathrow A customer of Essex based APH-3G was chosen to build a transport system at London's Heathrow Airport. A series of computer-driven vehicles known as 'pods' were required to provide convenient and comfortable transport for up to 4 passengers, along with personal items, such as luggage and [...]

UK Companies Choose ebalta RIM

UK Companies Select RIM MG453 GF www.ebaltadistribution.co.uk APH3G & Driving Passion Manufacturing Choose ebalta Materials Chris Read Director APH3G Ltd “We are focused on providing our customers with the right material for the application at hand and the ebalta range of tooling [...]

CNC Machining

The first stage of manufacture was to machine on our largest CNC machining centre a male pattern. After setting the pattern onto a supporting framework, it was hand worked further with fine grit papers to achieve a superior finish prior to painting with a couple of coats of surface primer and polished.