The rim/pu moulding facility at ap hollings has been used to produce a variety of components for customers, requiring Injection tool quality parts, without the high tooling cost.

Rim tooling is low cost and the main considerations when Moulding polyurethane although a cold injection process, is the venting and clamping to withstand some intool Expansion loads, at the reaction of the two part mix of Basically polyol and polyisocyanate.

Tooling board tools were designed and machined, to use to Pour and form silicone resin rim tools. Our customer in India wanted amongst a number of other vac formed parts, some Pu over-moulded grab handles for prototype vehicles they Were building.

The grab handle had a metal core to provide strength and Mounting holes. The metal core part was made at aph in Steel.

These metallic parts were mounted onto features within the Tool to allow the flow of reacting pu foam when the tool Was closed. After the foam was cured with a rigid self skin, The part was withdrawn from tool, some flashing carefully Removed before being packed and shipped.