Lighting tower cover and service panels

Client – Construction plant manufacturer
Project – Lighting tower cover and service panels
Commencement – February 2006
Program Duration – 2006 To Date

Aphollings were requested in early 2006 to attend meeting to discuss this project, from the information gathered, to complete a feasibility study to design and build fibreglass covers that would include service covers on two sides.

The client identified their contact design engineer who would liaise with us throughout the program

Finished Light Tower

The first step was to receive the prototype trailer unit and DRGS to show the intended internal package of components.

Taking templates from DRGS. Profiled sections were made in foam board and assembled to create the cover shape which was to be used as the core for the pattern to be used in casting the fibreglass plug or tool for series production of covers.


Within the mould tool reinforcing and support brackets were required to ensure continuity of hinge pivot position whilst being overlaid with fibreglass matting and resin.


Finished parts that included all hinges, gas struts and door seal and reflectors were supplied, free issue by client to be able to supply ready for assembly to trailers by client. This was the case until July 2009.

In the last month APHollings were asked to undertake the role as full service supplier. This entailed the purchase and project coordination of all parts from five suppliers. This included supply to client print for metal brackets laser cut, bent and welded. Gas struts, rubber door seal, tail light reflectors and all fasteners. The initial order for this part of program was 50 sets ongoing.

The client remains extremely satisfied by the price, timing and quality to the extent that other projects are running with parts supplied alongside the cover project as case no 1.

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