GRP Mouldings in various Gel Gloss colours

AP Hollings were requested by a leading event/exhibition media company to produce  GRP Mouldings in various Gel Gloss colours. These complex mouldings housed an LCD screen, video camera, and loud speakers. The client supplied an example of the GRP housing, which had reverse compound curves, requiring the tool to be made in three pieces.  Releasing agent was applied to the master sample to overlay a GRP splash that incorporated a mask at the split lines at the top of positive curves.

Reversing the master and using another mask, GRP splashes were made of the negative curves. After curing the three parts were bolted together, in this way once the production parts had been laid up in the tool, we were to undo bolts to release the moulding. Excess GRP moulding & matting were trimmed off and metallic mesh sourced by APH for speaker cover assembled, resulting in a perfectly finished part supplied the client, that has resulted in repeat requests for more GRP mouldings.