Design & Prototypes

Design & Prototypes Capabilities

APH3G can produce prototypes and models for a variety of applications by either using traditional hand methods by our skilled craftsmen, through to CNC machining from our CAD Masters.

We also utilise the latest rapid prototyping techniques, these include SLS & SLA to build some or all of a model or prototype.

The finished assembly or model relies on the experienced eye to achieve perfect form fit and function as well as being asthetically accurate.

Surface finishing can be applied to suit our customers specifications utilising our in-house painting facility along with various other plating processes.


The applications for Design and Prototypes are endless and at APH3G we have worked on a number of high profile projects.

From product developments to concept vehicle interiors, APH3G have also worked on a number of projects producing large scale models through to specialist exhibition displays including Grupo Antolin & Leonardo Defence Aerospace to name a few.