Automotive applications for fibreglass moulding

Automotive applications for fibreglass moulding, has been a long standing solution for parts in auto sport and many private and commercial vehicles. Today body kits to facelift and customise cars is a big market. APH have as many years experience in Fibreglass as the years since its industry introduction. It was for this reason that a premier body kit supplier approached Hollings to make fibreglass mouldings for complete body kits to suit the Range Rover Sport. From existing surrogate rim mouldings and CAD data obtained, patterns were splash moulded and CNC machined where required, but the quality of pattern finish was required to be faultless and the tolerances held to very tight limits to ensure that the kits assembled with minimal gaps or misalignments. The patterns were used to make the female tools in fibreglass, this meant that fibreglass mouldings laid up into tool, replicated the original pattern finish onto the exterior surface of a male part ie.  face that would be presented externally on the body kit part.

During the moulding process mechanical fixing points had to be laid in to ensure that minimal variance to the attachment points on Range Rover. Each fibreglass moulding had to be trimmed in fixtures that were designed and built by APH. These parts were carefully cleaned and any minor blemishes removed and refinished prior to being spray painted to the custom colours required for the kits. Each part was part marked on the reverse of moulding and also onto the packaging to guarantee that each fibreglass moulding was delivered to the customer in perfect condition.