Pods at Heathrow

A customer of Essex based APH-3G was chosen to build a transport system at London’s Heathrow Airport.

A series of computer-driven vehicles known as ‘pods’ were required to provide convenient and comfortable transport for up to 4 passengers, along with personal items, such as luggage and shopping. Despite being a prototype, it is still in use at Heathrow today.

Director, Andy Hollings says “They are great, robust machines. The added capacity has given us a wealth of new opportunities. We don’t say no to many projects now.”

In fact, APH’s repertoire ranges from bumpers for Range Rovers to long range camera housings for oil rigs used for detecting pirates. They have even machined clay for F1 car parts.

“It’s great to see the complete process done in-house.” Says Andy. “It feeds the whole business.”

Rob describes Haas as a gateway to precision engineering. “The control is so simple to use, which means our set-ups are really efficient. We’ve noticed improvements to both the machines and the control over the years, which have made a great product even better…”


What UK Engineers are saying about the best selling Haas.

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